Séances hors-les-normes

extraits des catalogues du Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris reprenant les textes consacrés aux séances de cinéma-hors-les normes ;
ces séances, programmées par Boris Monneau, Théo Deliyannis et Florian Maricourt, posent la question de l’existence d’un “cinéma brut”, comme l’on parle d’un art brut, en proposant des films échappant aux codes de réalisation et aux circuits de diffusion du cinéma, même expérimental.

#1    films d’ateliers de centres psychothérapiques  /2015
#2    humour et cinéma d’auteur-amateur  /2016
#3    déchets et art brut  /2018

Labels et musique

365 Days Project

Comfort Stand
un net label au catalogue intéressant, comprenant plusieurs albums outsiders et de home recordings.

Dîtes-le avec un Disque
une collection d’enregistrements réalisés dans les cabines publiques d’enregistrement radiophoniques qui existaient dans les années 1960.

collection “Raw Music”

une collection de musique brute sur ce label dédié aux musiques bricolées.

un net label spécialisé dans la musique pour les enfants, principalement jouée par des enfants eux-mêmes.

La Belle Brute
un label de musique brute pour l’instant orienté autour du travail de Jean-Marie Massou.

Sub Rosa
collection “Musics in the margin”

une collection de musiques des marges en lien avec l’art brut.

WFMU's Beware of the Blog - A Radio Station That Bites Back

Formerly known as UbuWeb's Found + Insane section, we've redesigned and renamed it Outsiders, reflecting broader cultural trends toward the legitimization of Outsider work, be it in the visual, musical, or literary arts. Beginning with the mainstreaming of Folk Art (now known as Outsider Art) and the work of Jean Dubuffet in the mid-twentieth century, and moving into the present with the recent well-received museum retrospectives of visionary art of the insane (Adolf Wolfli and Henry Darger), there appears to be an insatiable hunger for this raw and emotionally-charged work. Certainly aided by compilations such as Jim Shaw's Thrift Shop Paintings and Irwin Chusid's masterful study of Outsider music, Songs In The Key of Z, UbuWeb hopes to continue to expand the field and connect it to the rest of the site's avant-garde bias.

In this section you'll find Outsider music, art and literature, with the centerpiece of the collection being curator Otis F. Odder's vast 365 Days Project, in which an MP3 a day -- of mostly outsider, novelty, and oddball recordings -- was made available for the public to download. Briefly taken offline at the end of the project, it is now presented here in its entirety, complete with images and vast commentary on each selection. You'll also find a newly expanded selection of outsider, found, and insane visual poetry and street posters from the streets of New York City, Chicago and elsewhere, with special features of the mysterious Windy City Ancient Order Flyers, or the bizarre Free Jack Ads found on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Finally, there is a vastly enhanced display of the work of the East Village poet Orion, whose prodigious, mysterious and poetic scrawlings can be found on lampposts up and down Avenue A.

More than merely novelty, UbuWeb's Outsiders section overlaps with what the rest of UbuWeb's thrust, several of these artists appear in other -- and more academic -- sections of the site. As with all the content that is housed on UbuWeb, we find distinctions increasingly more difficult to make. And that's just the way we like it.